A Growth-in-Practice Model of Executive Education

High-quality early education requires skilled leaders and educators. But all too often, quality improvement initiatives overlook the essential work of training adults to lead. The Zaentz Professional Learning Academy is a bold, innovative strategy to bring executive education to the field of early education.

Organized around the science of adult learning, leadership, and early development, our Professional Learning Academy serves policymakers, directors, administrators, and educators, who build their knowledge of topics that range from adaptive leadership and creating effective teams to the nuts and bolts of cultivating high-quality learning environments, including strengthening relationships, building language, and buffering children’s stress and trauma.

To encourage transformational change and bring lasting improvement, executive education in early education must be characterized by what we call a growth-in-practice model.


Our Participants


in intellectually stimulating learning environments—in person and online.


their knowledge and work together to solve widespread problems in the field.


cases, policies, and practices for action.


what they learn to their own work and contexts.

Core Knowledge for ActionCase-Based, Data-Driven Intensive, Sustained Enhanced Leader and Educator Skills & CompetenciesImproved Early Learning andDevelopment
The institute helped me to think about the challenges going forward in helping adults understand the importance of the research and relationships in creating learning environments.”

- Zaentz Academy Participant, June 2018


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Certificate in Early Education Leadership

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" Perhaps the greatest gift that the CEEL (Certificate In Early Education) program gave me was the camaraderie of fellow leaders around the world who were navigating leadership in such unprecedented times. It was amazing to have my cohorts to share, encourage and engage as the pandemic began."

- CEEL Participant, December 2021

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