Past Programs

Explore past program highlights to learn more about how the Zaentz Professional Learning Academy equips early education leaders with the knowledge, strategies, and collaborative networks needed to improve young children’s learning environments.

Language, Behavior, and the Brain: Designing Effective Early Learning Environments and Experiences

Leaders, practitioners, and caregivers across the mixed-delivery ...

Program Highlights

Today’s Early Educator: Challenges, Competencies, and Professional Supports

This online program focused on the various challenges early educators face, provided training on several critical competencies needed to support a high-quality learning environment.

Program Highlights

2017 Science of Early Learning and Adversity: Daily Leadership to Promote Development and Buffer Stress

The Institute focused on the latest research and proven strategies for fostering strong early learning environments that reduce stress, mitigate difficult behaviors, and support overall development.

Program Highlights

2017 Promoting Young Children’s Language, Literacy, and Social-Emotional Competencies

Guest speaker and HGSE Professor of Education, Paola Uccelli, presented on the importance of bilingualism and biculturalism for schooling and its role in early identity formation.

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Buffering Stress and Adversity Through Early Learning

This online program helped participants understand the key features of the high-quality early learning environment, and how these features buffer children’s stress and promote early learning.

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