Professional Learning Academy

The Saul Zaentz Professional Learning Academy equips early education leaders with the knowledge, tactics, and networks they need to enhance young children's learning environments.

The more we learn about promoting healthy development, and buffering against the effects of adversity, the clearer it becomes that one of the best investments for young children is in the adults who care for them and shape the settings where they learn and grow.”
—Nonie Lesaux and Stephanie Jones

Our Participants

The Zaentz Academy is designed to support the learning and development of early education leaders at all levels and in all settings in the mixed-delivery system—those influencing practice and policy from the schoolhouse to the state house.  

  • State leaders and administrators
  • Leaders of early education service organizations
  • Directors of early education centers or programs
  • Administrators and coaches in public school preK programs
  • Philanthropists, grantmakers, and advocates

Our Design Process

The Zaentz team, in collaboration with Harvard’s Teaching and Learning Lab, is developing the Academy’s programs using the design-thinking process. This innovative approach puts the experiences and perspectives of the target audience at the core of all design decisions. We are drawing on findings from the most current and salient research and also undertaking research of our own—interviewing early education leaders from across the country. This process will inform the design and delivery of relevant, useful, and accessible professional learning opportunities.